The Moy

The Tiernan Brothers have a Family Tradition in Angling and have been Serving Anglers for 4 Generations in Foxford the Capital of the Moy. The River Moy is Know as one of the best Wild Atlantic Salmon Rivers in Europe and the Village of Foxford offers a very big Welcome to all and is centrally located with the Estuary 16km to the North and the Source 20km South East. A Staggering 95% of all Salmon Caught on the whole Moy System are Caught within 15km of Foxford Village.

With a Heritage and Background servicing the needs of Anglers in the West of Ireland The Tiernan Brothers Tackle Shop and Online Service offer an extensive range of Traditional and Modern Tackle and equipment, Specialising in Salmon, Sea Trout and Brown Trout with the essentials for the Pike and Sea Angler.


The Moy Live Cam